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List of delegation of the Antiochian Patriarchate to the Holy and Great Synod

Primate His Beatitude JOHN X, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East BISHOPS Metropolitan GEORGE (Khodr) of Byblos, Batroun and Dependencies Metropolitan ANTONIOS (Chedraoui Tannous) of Mexico, Venezuela, Central America and the Islands of the Caribbean Sea Metropolitan SERGIOS (Abad) of Santiago and all Chile Metropolitan DAMASKINOS (Mansour) of Sao Paulo and all Brazil Metropolitan SABA (Isber) of Bosra, Hauran and Jabal al-Arab Metropolitan PAUL (Saliba) of Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines Metropolitan GEORGE (Abouzakhm) of Homs and Dependencies Metropolitan SILOUAN (Moussi) of Buenos Aires and All Argentine Metropolitan BASILIOS (Mansour) of Akkar and Dependencies Metropolitan EFRAIM (Kyriakos) of Tripoli, […]

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The average age of the delegation of the Church of Cyprus is 57

Delegation of the Church of Cyprus is among the youngest. Its oldest member Metropolitan Chrysostomos (Machairiotis) of Kition who is 78; and the two youngest of 45 years old are Metropolitan Isaiah (Kykkotis) of Tamassos and Bishop Epiphanios (Machairiotis) of Ledra. The average age of the whole delegation is 57.To compare with: Church of Greece (73), the Ecumenical Patriarchate (68), Moscow Patriarchate (61), Alexandrian Patriarchate (59), Georgian Patriarchate (57) and Romanian Patriarchate (56).

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The average age of the Romanian Patriarchate’s delegation is 56

Delegation of the Romanian Orthodox Church is quite young. The oldest member of it is 80 years old Archbishop TIMOTEI (Seviciu) of Arad; the youngest one is Bishop Macarie (Drăgoi) of the North Europe, who resides in Stockholm. He is 39 years old. Scoring 56 as an average age, it’s the youngest delegation so far, to compare with: Church of Greece (73), the Ecumenical Patriarchate (68), Moscow Patriarchate (61), Alexandrian Patriarchate (59) and Georgian Patriarchate (57).

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Average age of the delegation of the Church of Greece is 73.

Delegation appointed by the Church of Greece is one of the oldest to participate in the Council. Two of her oldest members are 84. Those are Metropolitans Germanos (Paraskevopoulos) of Eleias and Theoktistos (Passalis) of Florina и Флоринский. The younest participant if Metropolitan Gabriel (Papanikolaou) of Neo-Ionia and Philadelphia, who is 40. The average age of the delegation is 73. It’s higher than the Ecumenical Patriarchate (68), Moscow Patriarchate (61), Alexandrian Patriarchate (59) and Georgian Patriarchate (57).    

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Average age of Georgian Patriarchate’s delegation is 57

The oldest participant of the delegation of the Georgian Patriarchate is its Chief – Catholikos-Patriarch of all Georgia ELIA II, who is 83; and the youngest member is Bishop of the North-America SAVVA (Intskirveli). The average age of the delegation is 57. For comparison: Moscow Patriarchate is 61, the Ecumenical Patriarchate is 68.

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