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The average age of the Ecumenical Patriarchate delegation is 68

Several oldest bishops were included to represent the Ecumenical Patriarchate at the Council, to mention the – Archbishop Demetrios (Trakatellis) of America of 88 years old; two Metropolitans are 85 – John (Zizioulas) of Pergamon and Isaiah (Chronopoulos) of Denver. The youngest participant of the delegation is – Archbiship Job (Getcha) of Telmessos being 42. The average age of the delegation is 68, while the same indicator of the Moscow Patriarchate delegation is 61.

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Gregory of Nyssa and Damaskinos Papandreou – to take part in the Council

Bishop Gregory of Nyssa (Tatsis) was included in delegation of the Ecumenical Patriarchate to the Holy and Great Synod of the Orthodox Church. His Eminence Gregory if responsible for Carpatho-Russian parishes under Ecumenial Patriarchate in US. His name and title coincide with name and title of the greatest Cappadocian fathers of the Church St. Gregory of Nyssa, younger brother of St. Basil the Great. St. Bishop Gregory lived in the fourth century and participated in the Second Ecumenical Council (381). The seat of his modern namesake is located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, US. And delegation of the Patriarchate of Alexandria there is Metropolitan of Johannesburg […]

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