Kalin Yanakiev: Decision of the Bulgarian Church was imposed by Moscow

June 5, 2016 in Monitoring

Bulgarian portal kultura.bg has published today the first part of the article “On anti-Council Decision of the Holy Synod” by Kalin Yanakiev concerning scandalous decision of the Bulgarian Synod to withdraw from Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church planned at Crete 18-26 June 2016.

Kalin Yanakiev thinks the decision was imposed by Moscow. But in this article he does not analyse the “Russian link”. He wants to show how wrong the arguments are. Most of the points proposed for consideration were formulated 40 years ago (1976). These topics were discussed in 1982, 1986, 2009. Had the Bulgarian Synod reacted in anyway at these meetings? No. At the synaxis in 2014 the topic of the autocephaly and of the dyptichs fell out due to the demand of the Russian church. Had the Bulgarian Church reacted? No. It is not true that all the topics are unimportant. E.g. the autocephaly is important. He has at his disposal the official correspondence between the Synod of Bulgaria and the Patriarchate of Constantinople for 2014-2015. No substantial critique or suggestios were made by the Bulgarians – only the repeat what Big Brother says. Furthermore, we were informed that in Septebmer 2013, during his visit to Constantinople, Patriarch Neophitos of Sofia was reprimanded by Patriarche Barholomew that the Bulgarian church is very passive and this creates a negative image within the Orthodox world. And now 15 days before the Synod, the Bulgarians withdraw, As for the allegation, that the procedure does not allow any altering of the documents, this is imply false, but he will continue in the next part.

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